Monday, September 13, 2010

Church is AWESOME!!!

Last night we started our 3rd service per Sunday at CrossRoads church here in Red Deer. We're doing the same service 3 times each Sunday in the hopes of appealing to people who like to attend church at different times in the day.

So, the kids and I attended service last night at 6:30 pm. It was a great family service. After the service, there was a pancake supper served by church volunteers. They had all kinds of different toppings. It was wonderful to sit with people and fellowship over food after our time of worship.

This morning, Spencer and her father had a conversation on the way to the sitter's house. According to Rob, it went something like this....

Spencer: "Dad, last night I go to church and it was AWESOME!"
Rob: "Really Spencer?"
Spencer: "Yep, they had pancakes at church and I had some and they were AWESOME!"
Rob: "They were Spencer? That's great!"
Spencer : "Yep. Mine had whip cream and that was AWESOME!"
Spencer: "Mine had stawberries and they were AWESOME!"
Spencer: "And mine had syrup and that was AWESOME!"
Spencer: "And mine even had Gummi bears and that was AWESOME!"
Spencer: "Yep church and pancakes are REALLY AWESOME!"

Spencer obviously has discovered the word 'awesome' in the last week. But even more special for us was how much she enjoyed this event in which we got to eat nice food and spend time with people who love Jesus. Spencer is was AWESOME!!!!

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