Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to freak out your mom.....drink Tylenol!

Yes, you read that correctly. I have Spencer home with me today and while I was doing some much needed laundry, Spencer must have somehow opened one of those 'child proof' caps which apparently aren't actually child proof and drank about 25 mL - 30 mL of Tylenol Cough and Cold. I found the cap of the bottle under the ottoman in the living room and then started to get concerned. I then found the bottle under the couch in the living room .... empty! Now I was in panic mode!!!!!!!!

So, the panicked mother in me was ready to call an ambulance and wisk this now very sleepy toddler off to the ER to have some intervention and the nurse in me decided to call Poison Control to see if she had ingested a toxic dose. Thankfully the bottle didn't have all that much left in it.

Edward, the very nice man who answered my call at Poison Control did all of his investigations and calculations and told me that she had not ingested a toxic dose of any of the 4 medications found in the preparation. He just told me to check on her every 30 min to make sure she was still rousable. As long as she can open her eyes and look at me when I talk to her, everything is fine.

So, she slept for about 30 min. with me frantically checking her every 5 min. I just had to keep checking on her. I felt awful! Well, then Rob came home for lunch. He walked into the living room where she was sleeping on the couch, he kissed her, she opened her eyes and said, "More cake?" She then walked to the kitchen table, climbed into her highchair and proceeded to eat 2 whole pieces of birthday cake. I realize this was not the healthiest of lunches, but quite frankly, she was awake, alert, talking and walking so she could have whatever she wanted. If the kid had wanted a pony I likely would have tried to find her one!

So, I guess this is a crisis averted and a huge lesson learned. I always keep the medications in a bin at the top of the linen closet, so they are completely out of the reach of anyone by Rob or I. Last night I forgot and I left the bottle on the counter. NEVER AGAIN WILL THAT HAPPEN!

Filling you in on the birthday events....

So, I did mean what I said yesterday and I am going to blog more regularly. So, here I am to fill you all in on how the big birthday went.

We had pizza, chocolate cake and we laughed....a lot. I have a wonderful family, and they have taught me that life should not be taken so seriously and that laughter really is the best medicine.

My mother-in-law called and didn't believe me when I told her that I was 37. Thanks for that Mom. I really love that you think I am still so young and hip! :-)

My parents called and sang to me....that's an annual tradition for them and it really did make me smile.

The kids made me little homemade cards and things, and wished me 'Happy Birthday' a lot.

Seth even sang me an original song he composed! It was fabulous. He played his little toy guitar and sang and the song went something like this...

Yay, it's Mom's Happy Birthday.
And we're going to eat cake.
Yay, it's Mom's birthday and we're going to have candles and balloons.
Yay, it's Mom's birthdaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize that he's no Bob Dylan, Joan Baez or Peter, Paul and Mary, but it was a nice little tune and we all laughed and smiled along with him and when he was done we clapped for him like he had played at Carnegie Hall! :-) He was thrilled with himself. We were thrilled with him too!

My wonderful husband brought me something 'uplifting' like I had asked him for and I got the most beautiful roses. They smell lovely and they make me smile.

Rex and I played a pretty enthusiastic game of fetch.

Really, one of the best days ever!! A special thanks to all of you that e-mailed and called to wish me a fabulous birthday. You're the best and I love you all!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to ....Me...YUK!!

Hi everyone.

If there's anyone who still checks this blog since I haven't written for so long [I am going to change that starting today], today is my 37th birthday. All I can say is ...YUK!! Of course, being younger than me, Rob is enjoying this a little too much. I have asked him to stop or when his 34th birthday comes around this year, he will get a little dose of what he is dishing out on me. That brought him under control! :-)

While I do feel that I am getting way too close to 40, I do realize this morning that I have a lot to be thankful for. Here's my list:

- a loving husband who has stuck by me for 14 years [more on that on June 24th]

- 4 great kids who all told me 'happy birthday' this morning and that I'm 'the greatest mom in the world' can't beat that! :-)

- a new puppy [more on that in a later post too], who is lots of fun and something I've been wanting for a few years now

- a wonderful new church family and amazing group of pastor's wives like I've experienced no where else in ministry

- a job that pay such good money and provides for my family

-the nicest house we have ever lived in

-good health

- a wonderful family that is the best in the whole world

-good friends [most of whom are way too far away....I miss you all so much! ]

- a great country to live in where I am free to worship and live my life as I choose - YAY CANADA!!

- most importantly, a Lord and saviour who loves me no matter what and stays beside me in the difficult times and in the times of celebration

Thanks to all of you for celebrating my day with me even if you can't be here for pizza, cake, balloons and the presentation of my children's handmade gifts later today. You have all made my life so much more enjoyable and you make turning 37 bearable. :-)