Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our House

Well, here is our new home at 716 Lancaster Dr. in Red Deer. It is a nice bi-level home. I will have to get a picture of our back alley. Here in Alberta it is very common to have no drive way or garage in the front and to have on the street parking in the front of your home. In the back, there is an alley where you can park additional cars and put your garbage out. It is odd for Rob and I and when we buy a house we would really like for it to have a driveway and a garage.

Here's a picture of our entry taken from the living room upstairs. That's the closet to the left there, and right by the closet is the stairs to go downstairs to the family room and the kids bathroom and bedrooms.

Here's the eating area in the kitchen. There's a nice breakfast bar area that we could put some stools at. But for now, we're just going to leave it.

We have two full baths that are pretty well identical.

Here's our basement family room which is just down the stairs from the front door.

Where Has Seth Tannahill Gone?

Seth's teacher in Fond du Lac, Melissa Kees has asked me to do a blog entry on where Seth has gone to help his previous class adjust to him being gone. So, hello from Red Deer, Alberta Canada to Olivia, Emily, Kira, Rene, Montea, Fernando, Mrs. Kees and Mrs. Coyne from Seth!

These 3 pictures were taken on Seth's last day of school in Fond du Lac. He still talks about his class and teachers there. The top picture is of Seth and his teacher Melissa Kees, the middle picture is with his teacher's assistant Mrs. Coyne, and this one is a picture of Seth with a part of his class. There are a couple of girls missing from this picture since they weren't at school that day. Rob and I can't thank the team in Fond du Lac enough for their tireless work with Seth. He has made many gains because of their perserverance. We owe you so much. We miss you!

This is Seth's new school...West Park Elementary school.

Seth getting off the school bus after a long day at his new school.
His new bus driver Carol does not compare to Ann and Willie. We miss you!

This is Seth sitting on our new front porch.

Here's Seth helping to decorate the Christmas tree at his Grandma's house.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Some news...

First of all, our new Canadian e-mail address is up and running. It is tannahills@shaw.ca . I know that many of you have been waiting for that info. Our old Charter account will no longer be valid later this week, so you will have to change that address if you want to keep in touch.

The other thing is that I just got off of the phone with Wendy at Red Deer College and she has offered me the 7 week sessional teaching position!! I start on Feb. 19th and I am so excited. So I guess now I have to look into starting my Master's degree. That's sort of bittersweet I guess. Anyways, I'm off to take some pictures of Seth to post a blog about him later on tonight as requested by his Wisconsin teacher Mrs. M. Kees. :-)

I'll write again later.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally....Hello from Alberta

Well, the POD finally arrived 2 days ago and we have the computer unpacked, the internet service started and I can now start filling you all in on how we are doing. After living for weeks without our belongings it is so nice to be able to sleep in our own beds and to have the things that make our house a home! :-)

Thanks to many of you for your messages on this blog, your phone calls, and your e-mails. So many of you have been keeping in touch and that is so very nice.

I have still not had the time to load new pictures into the computer yet, [I will do that later today], so this post will not hold pics, but I have so many things to let all of you know, that I will spread things out in a few posts.

Rob is absolutely loving his job at CrossRoads church. Everyone has been so welcoming. They have provided meals for us [since I didn't have pots or pans to cook with], they provided extra beds for the kids to sleep on, they have even offered us the loan of cars so that we can have a second car to get around town! Talk about generous!! Rob is busy meeting with various groups of the larger young adult group here to find out what they would like to see happen with the group. He is also working hard at making connections with other young adult pastors in Calgary and Edmonton. Rob loves to work in collaboration, so he is really excited to meet others doing what he is doing and joining up with them to reach more young adults. Every day he comes home talking about the great things they discussed at the church, the great people he has met and the great experiences he is having. I have to say that while I realize that it is very early on in the process, this is the most fulfilled that Rob has been in starting a new job. Rob is finally working with people that are of like mind and heart to him. They see ministry the way we see ministry and that is so wonderful to be a part of. Continue to pray for him. He needs to have some clear direction from God on how to guide the young adult ministry here to try to meet the needs of over 400 young adults. Not a small task!

I, on the other hand, have decided that I don't like the ER at all! The Red Deer ER services approximately 200 patients per day!! It is a swirling chaotic mass of patients. It is a pressure cooker and it is just too much pressure for me. While the paycheck is very, very good [I'm making $13/hour more than I made in Wisconsin], I can't be driving to and from work in tears and breathing into a paper bag, so a change is very necessary. So, last Sunday in a mass of tears, I prayed and asked God to open another door for me as far as work was concerned. I thought that I would call one of the other hospital managers that I had already talked with and go to another unit. However, God it appears had other plans. While at church last Sunday, a woman walked up to Rob and introduced herself. It turns out that she is a nurse and works at Red Deer College teaching in the Bachelor's Degree program. When I walked up, she asked me how I liked work at the hospital. I told her the truth. She looked at me and said, "Well, you need to come and teach at the College. We are desperate for teachers!" She went on to give me the contact info for the Associate Dean of Nursing and encouraged me to call her.

First thing Monday morning I called Wendy, the Associate Dean of Nursing and she told me that this lady had already been in her office that morning telling her all about me and encouraging her to hire me! :-) I had an interview with Wendy on Wednesday, and she took me all around introducing me to everyone as "the lady who is coming on board to teach Nursing 384." She had not even checked my references yet! So, this interview was just to get me a job teaching a 7 week session of medical-surgical nursing and having clinical students on one of the surgical floors at the hospital. I will be teaching in a group of 3 teachers so that I get the opportunity to share the responsibilites and have some support while getting my feet wet. Wendy also told me that they do their hiring for Fall teaching positions in late February and that they will have a number of teaching positions available!! I am over the moon. If I want to have a job that will pay me 12 months out of the year, I will need to start my Master's degree, but I think in this case, some short term pain is worth the long term gain. This summer I will have to pick up some casual shifts at the hospital so I am calling the other managers that I talked with to see if I can switch floors so I will keep you posted on that. I am so excited about this whole new career path that God may be opening up for me.

Well, that's the work scoop. I do want to say a special thanks to my friend Laura Doern who called the other night and encouraged me to look for a different position. It is so nice to have friends that know you so well and speak truth to you! :-)

I will post again later today or tomorrow with some pics of the new house and the kids. I am so glad to be able to blog again. I have missed all of you! :-)