Thursday, August 19, 2010

I lost my magic

I can't believe how fast the time goes. The weeks since Rob returned home have flown by. Rob got home, was home for 24 hours, then went to a 2 day conference in Calgary and within the first 24 hours he was home from that his parents arrived from Toronto.

We had Rob's parents here last week from Saturday to Thursday and then this week on Monday I started back at the College!!

WHEW!!! No wonder I feel tired a lot of the time. :-) Anyways, I've missed writing so I am going to write today.

Seth has been having some trouble with sleeping. He has not been settling to sleep easily. This is nothing new for Seth. He has been this way since birth and we have always gone through times when his sleeping was very little indeed.

But this time is a little different. It's different because of what Seth is communicating at bed time. He gets into bed and then gets up in tears and tells me, "Mom, I can't sleep because I've lost my magic." What does that mean???? I have no idea. I try to ask him questions about it, but he doesn't seem to have the words to tell me anything more. Rob goes in and talks to him, but he has no ideas either. In the morning, he has "found the magic again" which I guess is good, but gives me nothing else to go on. He has also told me that he keeps the magic in his hand. So, I can never quite understand how it gets lost in the first place.

So if anyone knows how to find Seth's magic at around 8 pm Mountain time, I'd sure appreciate the help. :0)

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Mrs. Kees and Crew said...

Hi Mrs. Tannahill!

Could Seth's magic be his shadow or something from the Indian in the Cupboard story? Could Seth draw or describe things he can do with his magic?

Maybe, his "magic" is his never ending energy? Maybe he is feeling tired and does not want to run and play and have fun because he is tired? That would really be something if Seth would literally, run out of energy!

Take care,